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Adult Ticket
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The Anna Mudeka Band is a six piece band playing a fusion of music driven from the mbira music of Zimbabwe. Their sound is simply known as sunshine music by their followers. The band's sound is refreshing and original, lead by Anna Mudeka, singer, dancer and mbira player from Zimbabwe. The Anna Mudeka Band is rocky, funky, reggae and African all at the same time. Anna as lead vocalist and Glynnis offer powerful harmonies with wild dance moves which sends their audience into a crazy dance frenzy wherever they perform.

The show is packed with melodies and rhythms that speak to all generations and nationalities. With songs in Swahili, Hindi and Shona, this is a show full of truly global sounds. Mudeka's mbira playing takes centre stage, while conga beat and six string bass underpin Zimbabwean rhythms, creating a real fusion of vibrant sounds.

Creative Arts East's Comments
" This wonderful fun and high energy performance from the Anna Mudeka Band never disappoints. The atmosphere created is infectious, toe-tapping and clapping is unavoidable and dancing is positively encouraged.

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